About Sean MaryHelen Johnson


Sean holds a Bachelor degree in English and History and graduated with honors.  She earned her Juris Doctorate degree (cum laude) from Seattle University School of Law.  She worked in law firms and/or practiced law for many years before turning her hobby of art-making into a career.  She is a mother and loves spending time with her large extended family, especially her grandchildren.  She is an artist, writer, and photographer.  She values the creative in all its aspects, whether making something, exploring, walking, or just being.  She is interested in social justice, peace, reverence, gratitude, critical thinking skills, stories and symbols, ritual, food as medicine and other healing modalities.  She is insatiably curious and committed to life-long learning.  She lives with her husband Bruce and her two dogs in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She also spends time at her ranch home in West Texas near the New Mexico border.