Artist's Statement

I have always been fascinated by images: paintings, drawings, and photographs.  They always tell a story--yours and mine. I have loved drawing, reading and listening to stories (with pictures, of course) from an early age.   

Primarily, I use watercolors and inks when I paint, but like experimenting with collage and fabric elements.  I use photography to record my world and its awesome beauty, chaos and mystery.  I often combine original art work and photography, as well as digital enhancement with various software applications.  

I am more concerned about the images I make and/or capture, rather than the tools I use.  I often feel as if I am chasing the spirit or light both in my subject and visually.  Form and texture attract me.  Intuition is my moving force.  Through the images I create and share, a story emerges both about the subject and how I see the world.  Writing and reading clarify, develop and guide my creative vision.  Dance, music, nature, reading, and spending time with loved ones feed my deeper well of inspiration and soul.  

Art is a healing, mystical, mysterious work. Any successful creation is due to forces within and about me, not me personally. They are part of the collective consciousness we all share. I serve the work I do; it is a gift for all of us. The work comes through me, but is not me. My goal is to connect with others through a daily habit of creating which helps me find the places I feel called to be. It is a healing force I love working with and I hope it will resonate with you!   

This is the way I make my life meaningful.  This is what I have to give.